[texhax] Vertical alignment of cell contents in tables.

Rolf Turner r.turner at auckland.ac.nz
Fri Jun 29 01:57:14 CEST 2012

I am trying to make use of the p{} column specifiers and I would like
the cell contents to "sit" on the bottom of the cell rather than rising to
the top.

At first I thought I could do this by using "\vfill"  before the cell 
This works when the maximal number of lines in other cells is two, but
not when it is three or more.

A minimal example of trying this approach is as follows:

\begin{tabular}{|p{2cm}|p{4cm}|p{2cm}|p{2cm}|} \hline
\mbox{ } \vfill Melvin & This is a whole load of dingos' kidneys.
History repeats itself; it also mumbles. &
\mbox{ } \vfill Clyde & \mbox{ } \vfill Irving \\ \hline
\mbox{ } \vfill Fred & This is another great load of dingos' kidneys. &
\mbox{ } \vfill Fred & \mbox{ } \vfill Fred \\ \hline

Note that the "Fred"s all sit on the bottom as desired, but "Melvin",
"Clyde" and "Irving" only go down one line.

Is there any way I can (conveniently?) get all contents to sit on the
bottom irrespective of the maximal number of lines in other cells?

Remember that one cannot use "\\" with the p{} column specifier.

Thanks for any advice.


         Rolf Turner

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