[texhax] help with bug in NAR.cls

Thomas Schneider schneidt at mail.nih.gov
Tue Jun 26 00:26:31 CEST 2012

Dear TexHaxers:

The journal Nucleic Acids Research, one of the Oxford Journals,
accepts LaTeX files.  Recently Long-Sheng Kuo, a postdoc at National
Taiwan University wrote to me with a problem.  I have confirmed the
problem with the NAR.cls but I don't know enough of that kind of code
to figure it out, so I ask for your help.

Long-Sheng was working with the template linked to from this page:




On downloading and unzipping this file one can run LaTeX:

latex NAR-sample
latex NAR-sample
dvips NAR-sample
ps2pdf NAR-sample.ps
open NAR-sample.pdf

Long-Sheng Kuo then substituted his name for 'Corresponding Author' in
NAR-sample.tex.  Surprisingly the 'L' of his name is gone, coming out
as 'ong-Sheng Kuo'.

I suggested putting a math space in front of his name: $\;$Long-Sheng
Kuo.  This works as a work-around and he can go ahead with submitting
his paper.  Removing the call to NAR.cls (and removing things it
defined) also fixes the problem, demonstrating that the bug is indeed
in NAR.cls.

It would be good to fix NAR.cls but I don't know enough of the
commands in there.  Could someone please take a look and (hopefully)
figure out how to fix this?



  Thomas D. Schneider, Ph.D.
  Senior Investigator
  National Institutes of Health
  National Cancer Institute
  Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research
  Gene Regulation and Chromosome Biology Laboratory
  Molecular Information Theory Group
  Frederick, Maryland  21702-1201

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