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Hi Tom,

Thank you for your hint. I set up a wee example, it generate a single dash when I write one dash in the database. But when I compile my working file, it will generate two dashes no matter how many dashes I give to pages in .bib database. Obviously, I have to debug it myself. Thanks for your help.

Ruan Zheng

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> Well, I do not just want to keep it in the database. I am seeking
> for a method to generate a single dash in my final output, since
> latex will always put two dashes in the pdf file. Do you have any
> suggestions?

Not being an expert on these things, I created a PDF with an entry
from a double dash in the bib database.  This comes out as a single
dash when cutting and pasting.  It's a unicode double byte character. 
It does NOT look like two dashes in Skim on Mac OS X.  I get 3 unicode
bytes cutting from an Acrobat display.  In acrobat it looks and
handles like one character.

So I can't replicate your effect.


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