[texhax] Tex Queries (3): Cases for italic correction

Paul Stanley paulrichardstanley at gmail.com
Sun Jul 22 04:01:59 CEST 2012

 > unlike all other letters in the cm math italic
 > font, the d has no built-in "overhang" spacing.
 > What's overhang spacing?
 > probably not a very good characterization.
 > what i meant is that the rightmost point of
 > the letter on the baseline does not extend
 > as far to the right as does some point
 > farther up.  in the case of the d (and in
 > [particular the f), the rightmost point
 > is at the top; for a letter like k the
 > rightmost point is above the baseline, but
 > not at the top of the letter.  (all these
 > examples refer to lowercase letters.)
 > the distance between the rightmost point
 > on the baseline and the "actual" rightmost
 > point is usually pretty close to the value
 > assigned to the italic correction -- except
 > for the d.

Am I correct in thinking that there's very little italic correction 
possible for the d? If my memory serves me well, the right-most point 
on the baseline is very close to the actual right-most point of the 
glyph (the real width?)

Many thanks,

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