[texhax] TeX Queries (2): Quotes Inside Quotes

Paul Stanley paulrichardstanley at gmail.com
Fri Jul 13 21:25:41 CEST 2012

regarding multiple quotes,


for the computer modern fonts, double quotes
are definitely ligatures.  so two quotes in
a row (either leading or trailing) will
produce a "designed" double quote.  thus,
if three quotes are input together as ```,
tex (using computer modern) will interpret
the first two as a double, and only one
remains.  thus, if a single quote is to be
first, it has to be isolated in braces.


Thanks BB and others for your input. Here is a revised version of my 
examples (and I'd be :grateful for your feedback):

%for double quotes enclosed in single quotes
{`}`` bla bla ''{'}
{`}`` bla bla '''
%and the inverse
``{`} rabit rabit {'}''
``` rabit rabit {'}''

What if for some odd reason we had to have two consecutive double 
quotes, would you just type four `s and 's?

Many thanks,

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