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Paul Stanley paulrichardstanley at gmail.com
Fri Jul 13 03:58:37 CEST 2012

"The `|\/|' tells \TeX\ to add an \break
% makes the line tighter, to be fair
``{\sl^{italic correction}\/}'' to the previous letter, depending on 
that letter; this correction is about four times as much for an `$f$' 
as for a `$c$', in a typical italic font."

What does the author mean by "makes the line tighter"?

What does "italic correction" actually mean?  I understand the idea 
behind the `\/' and how it addresses the problem of the slanting 
character taking up too much of the space that separates it from the 
next character in a roman font.  What I haven't been able to 
ascertain  from the TeXBook --- and would therefore be grateful for 
some elucidation from the list --- is the visual effect of the 
"correction".  for example, what does he mean by correction is about 
4 times etc. ?

My  apologies for revisiting this. Only problem is that i can't find 
the previous thread on the subject.

1: `\thinspace`` bla bla ''{'}

2: ``{`}rabit rabit {'}''

In 1 I'm assuming that the space between the two opening quote marks 
needs to be widened, hence, my use of `\thinspace', however, the 
space between the two closing quotes is sufficient although the 
closing single quote needs to be separated from the closing double 
quote mark, hence the `{}'

In 2 I've only applied the separation technique as it were with the 
`{}' grouping braces, assuming that the default spacing between the 
quote marks is the right width.

of course, I could be entirely wrong in both cases
So, without further ado, over to the list.

Many thanks,

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