[texhax] Problem with TexShop Version 2.47 (Thanks, problem solved)

R. Bhaskar rbhaskar at aya.yale.edu
Tue Jul 10 19:21:54 CEST 2012


I updated options to Version 2.47, and the text in my source document got
changed from black to white, and now I can't seem to change the text color
of the document, though I'm able to change the background color. I've tried
numerous combinations of fiddling with the font-changing capabilities
within the preferences window.

This has happened on two machines now.

Thanks to Justin Walker for comments and to Herbert Schulz for a solution
(see below).


At some point you probably were experimenting with changing the foreground
(letter) and background colors when there was a bug that prevented the
changes from appearing correctly. That bug is now fixed so you are seeing
things :-(.

The simplest way to fix this is to quit TeXShop and remove TeXShop's
preference file, TeXShop.plist, located in ~/Library/Preferences/. (In Lion
you hold the Option key down while clicking on Finder's Go Menu and you'll
see the item for going to ~/Library). The preference file will be re-built
with defaults set and all should be well. Assuming that works you'll have
to re-set-up your preferences.

Good Luck,

Herb Schulz*
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