[texhax] Space before remark or theorem

Dr A K Hannaby keith.hannaby at mathshelp.com
Tue Jan 24 13:28:54 CET 2012

Dear Tug technical help


I have the following code inserted in my MikTeX 2.9 setup before I call

For some reason, the "measure of space to leave above and below" do not have
any effect; whereas the others do.


\newtheoremstyle{remark}% name of the style to be used

  {3pt}% measure of space to leave above the theorem. E.g.: 3pt

  {4pt}% measure of space to leave below the theorem. E.g.: 3pt

  {}% name of font to use in the body of the theorem

  {0pt}% measure of space to indent

  {}% name of head font

  {;}% punctuation between head and body

  {12pt}% space after theorem head; " " = normal interword space

  {}% Manually specify head


Can anyone suggest why, please?

What can override these instructions?


Keith Hannaby

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