[texhax] Problem with a LaTeX file (Was: [texworks] log file you requested)

Vladimir Lomov lomov.vl at gmail.com
Fri Jan 20 01:56:54 CET 2012

** Gou, Bei [2012-01-19 13:21:37 -0800]:

> I tried what you suggested, but still cannot solve the problems. I am very sorry about this.

As I already mentioned, texhax mailing list would be more apropriate for
this discussion (see the topic name), so I Cc to texhax ML.

> The deadline of the paper submission is closer. 

No help here.

> Thanks a lot again for your great help.

If you realy want help on your LaTeX file you should, of course, know
something about LaTeX (I have felling that you don't see latex file for
many years).

To get help you should 1) inform others about you progress (did you
change your '\psfig' commands, convert figures, try to isolate problem
with math) and show you log again (after modification).

> Bei

WBR, Vladimir Lomov

We were young and our happiness dazzled us with its strength.  But there was
also a terrible betrayal that lay within me like a Merle Haggard song at a
French restaurant. [...]
	I could not tell the girl about the woman of the tollway, of her milk
white BMW and her Jordache smile.  There had been a fight.  I had punched her
boyfriend, who fought the mechanical bulls.  Everyone told him, "You ride the
bull, senor.  You do not fight it."  But he was lean and tough like a bad
rib-eye and he fought the bull.  And then he fought me.  And when we finished
there were no winners, just men doing what men must do. [...]
	"Stop the car," the girl said.
	There was a look of terrible sadness in her eyes.  She knew about the
woman of the tollway.  I knew not how.  I started to speak, but she raised an
arm and spoke with a quiet and peace I will never forget.
	"I do not ask for whom's the tollway belle," she said, "the tollway
belle's for thee."
	The next morning our youth was a memory, and our happiness was a lie.
Life is like a bad margarita with good tequila, I thought as I poured whiskey
onto my granola and faced a new day.
		-- Peter Applebome, International Imitation Hemingway

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