[texhax] Small typesetting problem

George McCormack gm5587 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 19 16:36:10 CET 2012

Here is my code so far.

$${3x^2-27 \over 4\cancel{(x+2)}} \cdot
{{{\stackrel{1}{\cancel{(x+2)}}}(x-2)} \over {3x+7}}$$

What I wan to do is show a 1 directly underneath the cancelled x+2 in
the denominator of the left hand rational factor. I have not been able
to get \underset to work in this context. Do I have to go to picture?
I'd rather not, but if I have to I will. Thank you. I guess I owe some
dues. Please let me know what they are. I am using Bluesky textures if
that is important.

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Mathematics Department, E-214
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