[texhax] Book Design

Gordon Haverland ghaverla at materialisations.com
Sun Jan 15 02:03:03 CET 2012

There is common advice about how a person should not loan money 
to.  My guess is that in that same advice book, it says don't be 
the editor and publisher for a book your Mom wrote.

I'm 51, and Mom is 79.  I've been playing TeX games since probably 
the mid 80's.

I've started a few books, one in DocBook, the rest in LaTeX, none 
ever got finished.  Darned todo list keeps getting in the way.

Mom has done well at Toastmasters (finishing in second place, 
twice, to a young lawyer at provincial level competitions, and 
many people thinking she should have won), and a big chunk of this 
is speeches that she has given.  As such, I pretty much have to 
leave the grammar as is, even if it is bad.  Mom only went to 
school for 5 years, starting grade 1 at age 10, and finishing 
grade 9 at age 15.

The Memoir class looks interesting.  LyX is annoying me, and I 
will probably suck everything into emacs and convert it to memoir.  
Are there examples anywhere of chapter design with memoir?

These stories run over 8 decades.  I think the timeframe of the 
story and the year of the speech either need to be in each chapter 
heading, or perhaps in margin notes?  I've seen books (or 
newspapers) where the ink is missing in places for some letters, 
with so much broken English, I think a typeface that was "broken" 
might be interesting.  As far as dead tree goes, I am guessing 
that it probably needs to be printed in 12 point, as many of the 
people wanting copies of this are older and would appreciate a 
bigger typeface.

I suppose a person is going to be generating some kind of ebook 
output at some point as well as dead tree.

Ideas?  Suggestions?


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