[texhax] kern inside llap inside headline

Suresh Govindachar sgovindachar at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 3 03:55:13 CET 2012

Donald Arseneau wrote:
  >Suresh Govindachar writes:
  >> % The headline for my plain TeX document compiled via pdftex 
  >> % is from manmac.tex (extract given below),
  >> %       \llap{\tenbf\folio\kern1pc}%
  >> %       \rlap{\kern1pc\tenbf\folio}%
  >> %
  >> % changing the amount of \kern from 0.1pc to 1pc to 10pc has
  >> % _no_ effect on the output.
  > You don't show that \makeheadline actually invokes \leftheadline
  > or \rightheadline, so that might be the problem.

  You are right:  I first copied manmac.tex's \leftheadline and
  \rightheadline into my document and then used the ideas in them to
  make a new macro that was actually used by \makeheadline;  but
  after making my macro, I did not delete the copies of
  \leftheadline and \rightheadline.  Then while experimenting with
  changing the \kern value, I made the changes in the unused copies
  rather than in the used new macro.

  By the way, thanks for the your post of Aug 10, 1998 which showed
  the modifications to the output macro.


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