[texhax] Delimited arguments and ProvidesFile macro in hyphen.cfg

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Tue Jan 3 02:35:28 CET 2012

Hi Doug,

    This is a basic TeX macro syntax question.  I think, anyway.

I'm not sure "basic" is the right word :).

    My question is, why does the argument token list for parameter #1
    include the open and closed braces (followed by a space)?

I don't immediately see it either.  As far as I know, the outer braces
are stripped in all cases except when the argument text contains
mismatched braces, which is evidently not the case here.

Maybe I missed it, but did you include where and how the \ProvidesFile
is being called from your modified hyphen.cfg?
Maybe seeing the beginning of your hyphen.cfg would help.

And, perhaps try running latex directly on the standard and modified
hyphen.cfg, with tracing enabled, and see where they begin to differ.

It might also help to run etex instead tex, since there is more tracing


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