[texhax] PDF produced by pdflatex rejected by Lulu.com

Tom Bishop, Wenlin Institute tangmu at wenlin.com
Thu Feb 9 20:34:00 CET 2012

> Has anybody either:
> a. successfully printed LaTeX documents with Lulu?  or ...
> b. had similar problems?  Solutions?

We've had Lulu.com ship the "same" book to two addresses, one book printed correctly, and the other incorrectly. This happened to us with pdf files made using pdftex (plain TeX not LaTeX) with lots of embedded fonts. The characters in problematic fonts were simply blank in the badly printed books; the file was not rejected. Evidently Lulu.com does not always use equivalent printers or drivers. Solutions might be to avoid unusual fonts, normalize your pdfs somehow, and have all books shipped to your address for quality control inspection before shipping them elsewhere.


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