[texhax] double column section headers?

Steve Schwartz s.schwartz at imperial.ac.uk
Mon Nov 28 17:58:59 CET 2011

I'm typesetting a document in two-column mode. However, as some of the
section headings are long, and always start on a new page since they
come from an include'd file, I'd like to spread the header across both

The simple approach:

\twocolumn[{\subsection[short]{section title}\label{sec:mysec}}]

almost works. The heading is spread across the page, the toc entry is
correct, and subsequent sectioning is fine. [If I put the \label outside
the argument to \twocolumn it picks up the preceding sectioning. But
\labels in subordinate \subsubsections are ok. I presume this is a
scoping problem of some sort, as may be the following.]

However, the \rightmark isn't updated. I can workaround the \rightmark
by doing it manually:

\twocolumn[{\subsection[short]{section title}\label{sec:mysec}}]
\markright{\thesubsection\ short}

but this makes me slightly nervous that something else may unravel for
me later. Multicols isn't an option due to the inability to handle
non-starred, single column floats.

Any advice?


PS The extra braces around \subsection are necessary to hide the square
bracket [short] for the short title, but the rightmark behaviour is the
same even if I use:

\twocolumn[\subsection{section title}]

and then, of course, the long title ends up in the toc.
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