[texhax] tabu* and LuaTeX

Paul Isambert zappathustra at free.fr
Tue Nov 15 09:56:31 CET 2011

Le 15/11/2011 08:58, Arno Trautmann a écrit :
> Philipp Stephani wrote:
>> Here is a more minimal example:
> Thanks for that useful example!
>> \documentclass{minimal}
>> \begin{document}
>> \begingroup
>> \obeylines%
>> \endlinechar=10 %
>> \global\toks0{
>> }%
>> \endgroup%
>> $\scantokens\expandafter{\expandafter$\the\toks0$}$
>> \end{document}
>> Interestingly, it breaks for LuaLaTeX, but works for plain LuaTeX.
> Yeah … I tried to play around a bit and figure out where the 
> differences are, but did not succeed. Does anyone have an idea what's 
> going on? Might it be related to fonts? That's the last thing that 
> comes to my mind that is different between plain and LaTeX.

There's font change in \everymath in LaTeX (actually it's 
\frozen at everymath); but even if you empty it (\frozen at everymath={}), the 
error still occurs. I think the discussion should be moved to the LuaTeX 
and LuaLaTeX lists.


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