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many thanks,

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Le 10/11/2011 09:02, Joel T. a écrit :
> Thanks for the prompt reply.
> "\@tempswatrue" to "\maybe at ictrue": did you mean
      \maybe at ictrue ?
> and
> "\if at tempswa" to "\ifmaybe at ic": is that \if at tempswa to
      \ifmaybe at ic ?

Yes. It got mangled into an email address somewhere along the way.

> Also, let's assume these changes are incompatible with some other
> packages. how can I set the conditional to be always false,
      namely, to
> never add that extra space?.

You'd better rewrite the internal macros to work properly; replace
definition of \maybe at space@ (l.479-491 of abbrevs.sty) by:

\newif\if at abbrevs
\def\abbrevs at t@st at ic {%
    \expandafter\let\expandafter\reserved at b\expandafter=\reserved at a\relax
  \ifx\reserved at b\@let at token
    \@break at tfor
\newcommand\maybe at space@ {%
  \expandafter   \@tfor
    \expandafter \reserved at a
    \expandafter :%
    \expandafter =%
                 \do \abbrevs at t@st at ic
  \if at abbrevs

It does exactly the same thing, except things are rewritten to rely
its own conditional (hence the rewriting of \t at st@ic into
    \abbrevs at t@st at ic).

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