[texhax] Octave in LaTeX

James Quirk jjq at galcit.caltech.edu
Thu Nov 10 16:37:44 CET 2011


On Thu, 10 Nov 2011, Philip TAYLOR wrote:

> OK, very interesting (as your replies invariably are), but
> I want to focus on just one aspect for now :
> James Quirk wrote:
> > So the message you're seeing -- Waiting on FNV server -- is exactly that.
> > The shell-widget in the PDF has made a request of the FNV localhost
> > server, which you've not launched,
> OK, but nowhere in your message (as far as I can see)
> do you tell me (or the man on the Clapham Common omnibus)
> how I /should/ launch the FNV server !
The man page obtained with:

   perl -x octave.pdf -help
   ruby -x octave.pdf -help


       To access this manual page, you typed:

           perl -x octave.pdf


           perl -x octave.pdf -view

       will unpack and activate the built-in servers and then open the PDF
       using the appropriate helper application for your platform, thereby
       allowing the document to function as its author intended.  But please
       note, because of the security issues involved: this mode of operation
       should be viewed strictly as a stop-gap, pending the deployment of a
       full FNV installation kit.

       The command:

           perl -x octave.pdf -list

       will list the pids of all the FNV servers associated with this PDF 
       thatare currently active.

       The command:

           perl -x octave.pdf -kill

       will kill all the active FNV servers associated with this PDF.

       If you prefer, you can substitute "ruby" for "perl" in the above

and so I did provide the information. Of course, as you're 
running windows, the above might not work. And even under Linux
and OSX, there are backwards incomptibilities going from Python2.6
to Pyhton2.7 that might break the example; such are the joys of
computing :-(


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