[texhax] Octave in LaTeX

Philip TAYLOR P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Thu Nov 10 09:39:57 CET 2011

> The example:
>     http://www.galcit.caltech.edu/~jjq/octave.pdf
> shows that it is also possible to run an octave session from
> within a LaTeX generated PDF by using a /RichMedia
> annotation with a localhost server, at least under OSX
> and Linux. For details run either:
>     perl -x octave.pdf -help
> or:
>     ruby -x octave.pdf -help
> This particular example includes a built-in source-browser
> that shows how the document is programmed. To activate
> the source-browser, open the bookmarks panel and click on
> mk_octave. If you study the source you'll see the likes
> of fold::latex, fold::perl, fold::python, and fold::ruby.
> These work a bit like the Inline::Octave alluded to above,
> with the generalization that folds can be nested re-entrantly.
> The implications of which are discussed in an easter-egg,
> which accessible from the browser's splash page.

James, what does "Waiting on FNV server" mean ?
Philip Taylor

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