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Randolph J. Schilling rjschilling at comcast.net
Wed Nov 9 00:00:45 CET 2011

Hello - 

I'm setting up newly installed Ubuntu 11.10 and working under its Unity desktop. 

I ran into a problem with my installation of TeXLive2011. 
I chose to install this software by downloading it (from the TUG web site) 
because Synaptic offers only the outdated TexLive2009. 

TeXLive's instructions tell us to move to the folder containing install-tl 
(so its full path is not necessary), 
to add the current folder to the PATH variable with the command, 
and start the installer with the command, 
install-tl -gui wizard. 
The TeXLive installer opens, tries to install to 
and returns the message 
"default not allowed or not writeable - please change." 
I did not run into this problem awhile ago when I installed TexLive under Ubuntu 10.04. 
I checked that I'm working under an administrator account. 
I tried starting the installer with the command: 
sudo install-tl -gui wizard 
and got a "command not found" error. 
I tried logging in as root user with the command, 
sudo passwd root, 
started the TexLive installer as before, 
install-tl -gui wizard, 
and got the same response. 

Please help me figure out where I've gone wrong. 

Many thanks and regards - Randy 
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Randolph J. Schilling 
rjschilling at comcast.net 

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