[texhax] generating a "clean" plain text file with all

jtzzaa11-texhax1 at yahoo.com jtzzaa11-texhax1 at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 3 01:39:17 CET 2011

Thanks for the replies.

Date: Wed, 2 Nov 2011 08:33:51 +0100
From: Martin Schr?der <martin at oneiros.de>

2011/11/2 jtzzaa11-texhax1 at yahoo.com <jtzzaa11-texhax1 at yahoo.com>:
> I am using lots of private macros. Is there a way to produce a "clean" plain text file with all the macros replaced with their content?.


>Why would you want that?


Simple. When submitting  a tex to an editing/typesetting team, having lots of macros makes it more difficult for them to process. They seem to prefer a "clean" tex file, with as little as possible home-made macros.

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