[texhax] Natbib problem

Mostafa ali wremostafa at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 9 19:21:22 CET 2011

Thanks Phil, Donald, Yuri, Alan and all

I think previous aux file's are the problem, because natbib works fine if I use 
it with a fresh tex file. 

Anyway guys, I just found that I can do what I need with the harvard package 
too. It has similar citation style as with the natbib. \citeasnoun, \citename, 
\citeyear, \citeaffixed are the commands I was just looking for.   That saves my 

Thanks again for all the helps and suggestions. You guys are awesome! 

Have a nice day. 


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Try deleting all aux and bbl files and then start from scratch with compilation.
Cheers,  Phil
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Hi Yuri
Thanks for your reply. But that is not the problem. I typed wrong here. In the 
original error message it comes as \harvardcite. But the problem is that I am 
not using any harvard style or any harvard package. But I am not sure why still 
getting this message. I want to use natbib package and want to use natbib 
reference citation code, e.g. citet, citep etc. 



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Subject: Re: [texhax] Natbib problem

Hi Mostafa, 
You probably mean \harvardcite rather than \havartcite. So isnert the missing r 
and replace the t with a d. That should solve your problem.
Best wishes,
On Tue, Mar 8, 2011 at 10:14 PM, Mostafa ali <wremostafa at yahoo.com> wrote:
I am a new user to the Tex system. I wrote my thesis using havard package 
refrence style, but now I want to use natbib package. So I put 
\usepackage{natbib}, used \bibliographystyle{plainnat} and also changed cite to 
\citet{}. But don't know why I am getting this following error message. 

! undefined control sequence
1.5 \havartcite
I thought that it would be simple. Now I don't have any idea what's I am doing 
wrong. Any help would be appreciable.

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