[texhax] enumerate and subsections with XeLaTeX and Hebrew

Moshe Kamensky moshe.kamensky at googlemail.com
Sun Mar 6 23:07:59 CET 2011

Hi There,

I'm having two (more) problems writing Hebrew with XeLaTeX.

1. When I'm trying to have a nested enumerate environment, I get an 
   error of the form

! Incomplete \iffalse; all text was ignored after line 12

  line 12 being the first nested item. I then get no pages of output.  
  The log file contains no extra info, as far as I see. This seems 
  special to Hebrew: I tried switching to Farsi, and it disappears.

2. When I have, say, the second subsection in the first section, it gets 
   enumerated right-to-left, i.e., by ".2.1" I don't know if this is a 
   bug or a feature, but it is seems unnatural to me, and also against 
   convention. I was wondering if there is a way to make it the same as 
   in LTR text, i.e., I would like ".1.2" This one happens in Farsi as 

The following example illustrates both issues (though you would need to 
comment out the nested enumeration to see the second problem)


\setmainfont[Script=Hebrew]{Linux Libertine}

  \item one
      \item a
      \item b
  \item two


I would be happy to investigate myself, but I have no idea even what 
files to look at.


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