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Sorry, Linda,

please post to the list. I just had remembered that there were similar threads.
The problem seems to be a very Windows-related problem, I am not an expert
with that, actually using Linux.

Best wishes,


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I have attached the 2 log files for the identical input file. Do you see anything?


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"Bethel, Linda" <Bethel_Linda at GSB.Stanford.Edu> wrote 17.06.2011 00:13:42:
> I am using MikTex 2.8, and Winedt 5.5 on Vista.
> When I compile a document, I receive the error message:
> LaTeX failed to create a dvi

Doesn't the message continue? How? Just reminds me of


and what followed there, while there seems to be a difference with respect to the .log:

> This message appears for files that were successfully compiling a few days ago.
> The log file runs until the aux is created, then ends.

New finding:


Best wishes,

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