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Alister Mitchell alister.mitchell at btinternet.com
Sun Jun 5 22:53:39 CEST 2011

Yes, I agree that it is not good form to go off list like that but I have 
two exceuses:

1. I'm not up to the standard of the contributors of this list and would not 
want to waste the time of the majority with what I think was probably a 
simple question (to you, but not to me!).
2. I needed to attach a picture of the page I was trying to simulate and I 
think the list strips attachments.

Philip Taylor kindly sorted me out with some Plain TeX which works very 
nicely.  But if you're interested, here is the complete solution - feel free 
to criticise my style! And if you want to know what it is, it's the parts 
list stuck inside the lid of the case of a 1930s Army Heliograph case.  Why 
I wanted it is a whole other story and completely off topic.

Now I need to get a copy of the TeXbook and try to understand Plain TeX.

Alister J Mitchell GM3UDL
(Glasgow, Scotland)


\noindent\textbf{No. R.14.\\
5-inch Heliograph.\\
Marks III\textbf{$^{**}$}, IV, V. Spare Parts.}
  \multicolumn{2}{c}{In Spare Mirrors Box.}\\\hline
  \multicolumn{2}{|l|}{Mirror, duplex \leaders \hbox 
{\hspace{1.5em}...}\hskip 4 in\ 1} \\
  \multicolumn{2}{|l|}{Mirror, signalling \leaders \hbox 
{\hspace{1.2em}...}\hfill\ 1} \\
  \multicolumn{2}{|c|}{\textsc{In Spare Parts Pocket.}}\\
  \multicolumn{2}{|l|}{Milled head for tangent screws \leaders \hbox 
{\hspace{2em}...}\hfill\ 1} \\
  \multicolumn{2}{|l|}{Pivot for duplex mirror frame; with wing nut, washer 
and keep} \\
  \multicolumn{2}{|l|}{\hspace{1em} pin \leaders \hbox 
{\hspace{1.2em}...}\hfill\ 1} \\
  \multicolumn{2}{|l|}{Plate, brass, with spare screws \leaders \hbox 
{\hspace{1.2em}...}\hfill\ 1} \\
  \multicolumn{2}{|l|}{Rod, vertical steel \leaders \hbox 
{\hspace{1.2em}...}\hfill\ 1} \\
  \multicolumn{2}{|l|}{Screw, adjusting, for key bridge with safety screw, 
and lock nut \leaders \hbox {\hspace{1.2em}...}\hfill\ 1} \\
  \multicolumn{2}{|l|}{Screw, clamping main socket to sighting arm \leaders 
\hbox {\hspace{1.2em}...}\hfill\ 1} \\
  \multicolumn{2}{|l|}{Screw, clamping sighting rod to sighting arm \leaders 
\hbox {\hspace{1.2em}...}\hfill\ 1} \\
  \multicolumn{2}{|l|}{Springs, key \leaders \hbox 
{\hspace{1.2em}...}\hfill\ 2} \\
  \multicolumn{2}{|l|}{Springs, mirror \leaders \hbox 
{\hspace{1.2em}...}\hfill\ 2} \\
  \multicolumn{2}{|l|}{Tool, adjusting \leaders \hbox 
{\hspace{1.2em}...}\hfill\ 1} \\
  \centering{Spare Number.} & \parbox[c]{3in}{\vspace{1em}\centering{Screws 
on Brass Plate.}}\\\hline    & \\
  \centering{1} &  Securing trunnion bearing to $\bigcup$ arm\leaders \hbox 
{\hspace{1.2em}...}\hfill\ 2\\
  \centering{2} &  Securing ring of mirror frames\leaders \hbox 
{\hspace{1.2em}...}\hfill\ 8\\
  \centering{3} &  Securing milled head to tangent screw, key bridge to\\
   & \hspace{1em} body, and rock-pieces to signalling mirror frame\leaders 
\hbox {\hspace{1.2em}...}\hfill\ 4\\
  \centering{4} &  Adjusting nickel-silver ball and ball pivots in cock-\\
   & \hspace{1em} pieces\leaders \hbox {\hspace{1.2em}...}\hfill\ 2\\
  \centering{5} &  Securing key springs\leaders \hbox 
{\hspace{1.2em}...}\hfill\ 2\\
  \centering{6} &  Adjusting pivot bearing of $\bigcup$ arm\leaders \hbox 
{\hspace{1.2em}...}\hfill\ 2\\
  \centering{7} &  Securing hinge pins and key bearing to bottom socket\\
   & \hspace{1em} of vertical tubular rod\leaders \hbox 
{\hspace{1.2em}...}\hfill\ 4\\
  \centering{8} &  Securing tangent box lid, and vane spring\leaders \hbox 
{\hspace{1.2em}...}\hfill\ 4\\
  \centering{9} &  Securing springs in mirror frames, and vane to thumb\\
   & \hspace{1em} pivot\leaders \hbox {\hspace{1.2em}...}\hfill\ 4\\
  \centering{10} &  Pivot for duplex mirror frame\leaders \hbox 
{\hspace{1.2em}...}\hfill\ 2\\ & \\\hline

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