[texhax] Info amsmath package

Soeren D. Schulze soeren.d.schulze at gmx.de
Fri Jun 3 19:29:00 CEST 2011

On 30.05.2011 20:31, Nicola wrote:
> In my experience, in inline equations, to avoid that an equation breaks
> at the end of the line, you can use curly brackets (i.e. ${ formula }$)
> or the command \mbox (i.e. \mbox{$ formula $}).
> 1. Which of the two is the most correct?

Well, from Knuth's point of view, probably none.  Otherwise, he would 
have disabled line breaking in math mode in TeX.

However, most of my writings are only for a small audience (homework), 
so I care more about readability of the math than about beauty of the 
text.  (Stretching and shrinking also worsens readability a bit.)
So I use the following macros for inline math:


It's a little bit of extra typing, though.


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