[texhax] ProTeXt

Terry Wall terry6.wall at which.net
Fri Jul 22 20:15:33 CEST 2011

Dear TUG team
    I have just bought a new Windows7 computer, and yesterday downloaded 
ProTeXt - over a gigabyte. The download completed without difficulty. 
However when I attempted to instal the software, it failed: I got an 
error message, something close to
    error - missing file -*\tpm\packages\miktex-ghostscript-base-2.9.tpm
What do you suggest I do? Is there something wrong with the package? 
Should I delete everything from my computer and try over again? Or just 
give up and instal a smaller package?
    Yours,    C.T.C.Wall
P.S. This message is sent from a different computer.

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