[texhax] Nomenclature help

Susan Dittmar Susan.Dittmar at gmx.de
Mon Jul 18 10:36:35 CEST 2011

Dear Peeyush,

I think you just ran into the problem that the page number is positioned on
the page the moment the page is created (shipped out). This means, the
moment the TeX engine knows it needs a new page. In your specific case, the
moment it encounters the \chapter command. As the \pagenumbering command
comes before the \chapter command, you already changed the settings with
which the page numbers are created. Thus your problem only seems to be
related to the nomenclature.

I see two possible solutions.

1) Use \pagenumbering{arabic} after the \chapter command. The settings
	changed by \pagenumbering need not be known until the moment the first
	page of the chapter is shipped out, so that's early enough. But it
	might weaken clear structuring of your document I admit.
2) Use \newpage or better \cleardoublepage after the nomenclature commands
	and before the \pagenumbering commands. This way the pages with
	previous content are shipped out with the old page style settings. As
	there's nothing new to shop out between the \cleardoublepage and the
	\chapter command, this will not introduce additional pages.

Hope that helps,


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