[texhax] Two questions about mpgraphics

aiwanjun aiwanjun at swu.edu.cn
Tue Jul 12 06:27:49 CEST 2011

  I found the package mpgraphics on Ctan, and It do make me fell more convenient to draw graphics by MetaPost. Here I owe you a lot of thanks.
  But still, there are two questions I want to solve.
  First, I found that the figure that produced by mpdisplay is not labeled; 
  and Second, I want to use my TeX code file name instead the main file name_ fignum; This is quite helpful since I want to write all the Tex Code of figures in a main file(imagin in a paper there are more than ten graphics), and through which I called the file of figure code, which named by the chapter: such as fig1-2.tex or if there are two figures in the figure 2 of  chapter 1, I'd like to name it fig1-2_1.tex and fig1-2_2.tex respectively. 
The following is a example of main file and figure file:
This is the main file
   \input metaobj.mp
This is the figure code for fig1-1; which
as the \input say, is located in ./source/
  draw fullcircle scaled 10u;
  draw fullcircle scaled 50pt withcolor red;
similarly for other figure codes;
 I want to compile the main.tex and get fig1-1_1.eps (or pdf if in pdftex mode) and fig1-1_2.eps and so on;
Moreover (I think it should not hard), the fig1-1_1.eps is labeled as "fig1-1_1.eps" and so on; That is every figure is labeled after its name; That will help me to find which figure it is in a long list of figure.
Did I make myself clear? If not please Email me. 


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