[texhax] Issues with Hebrew in XeLaTeX

Moshe Kamensky moshe.kamensky at googlemail.com
Sun Feb 27 20:35:07 CET 2011


I'm having some minor issues typing Hebrew with XeLaTeX (at least, I 
assume they are Hebrew related...). I'm using polyglossia and xltxtra 
(though I don't know precisely what effect does it have).

1. When writing in English, I use ``this'' to produce the correct kind 
   of quotes in the output. In Hebrew, this doesn't seem to work (I 
   tried both variants). How do I produce the correct quotes?
2. Similarly, --- does not produce one long dash but three short ones.  
   How do I produce the long dash?
3. No hyphenation seems to take place. I don't know exactly how to test 
   it definitely, but I tried several text, and none of it produced 
   hyphenation. Do I need to do anything other than use polyglossia?
4. When I get an overfull hbox, the text extends out of the paragraph to 
   the right (as it would in English), but this looks much worse in 
   Hebrew. Is there a way to make it extend to the left instead?


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