[texhax] Embedding java applets in pdf output files

Petro Galushka petro at univ.kiev.ua
Wed Feb 23 19:33:53 CET 2011

A few years ago in this forum there was already a discussion about embedding 
java applets into pdf files generated by pdflatex. Is it something that can 
be done these days? Jar files seem to include java scripts in binary form, 
and I'm not sure if they are consistent with javascripts in Adobe pdfs.

More specifically, I'd like to embed LiveGraphics3D applet (live.jar) with a 
particular 3D graph (test.m) into a beamer presentation.

The code for embedding the applet into a webpage is the following. My hope 
was that there should be something similar to put it inside a pdf.
<APPLET ARCHIVE="live.jar" CODE="Live.class" WIDTH=150 HEIGHT=150 

Petro Galushka

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