[texhax] string definition - abbreviations for journals in a bib file

Olga Lyashevska olga at herenstraat.nl
Mon Feb 14 15:01:56 CET 2011

Thanks Herbert,

On 14.02.2011, at 13:21, Herbert Voss wrote:

> Am 14.02.2011 13:54, schrieb Olga Lyashevska:
>> (2) Journals.bib
>> %Journal short strings manually defined
>> @STRING(JVS = "J. Veg. Sci.``)
> that should be:
> @STRING{JVS = "J. Veg. Sci."}

For some reason every time  I type " I get two single quotes in Vim,  
but it is another problem.
I do not have an error now, however my final output still looks like:

Botta-Dukat, Z., Wilson, J. B., Oct. 2005. Rao’s quadratic entropy as a
measure of functional diversity based on multiple traits. JVS 16 (5),

Apparently, bibtex can see both files, but for some reason it doesn't  
use the string value for JVS? Why?

Many thanks,

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