[texhax] Extracting display formulas from A LaTeX document

Vafa Khalighi vafakhlgh at gmail.com
Sat Feb 12 07:19:39 CET 2011

I had a LaTeX file containing both text and maths but I wanted to extract
just display maths (typesetting them one after each other) so the only thing
I could think of was using preview package with tightpage option. It did
give each of my display formuals in one page and then I used pdfpages to
typeset these one after the other but the result was not good. Do you know
how you can extract display formuals from a LaTeX documents that contains
both text and maths? What I mean is that you typeset an article for a
journal but later for your refernce you want to have a formula sheet
(formulas extracted from your article that contained both maths and texts).
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