[texhax] not enough room left

Uwe Lueck uwe.lueck at web.de
Fri Feb 11 14:16:32 CET 2011

Mohamed HOUSSNI a écrit:
> The log file is attached to this message.

You have

    399846 words of font info for 310 fonts, out of 400000 for 1000

so your latex.fmt's "words of font info" have been exhausted. My TL 2007 has:

         5463 words of font info for 20 fonts, out of 1200000 for 2000

i.e., my latex.fmt allows three times the "words of font info" as yours. 
Unless you upgrade your TL (as Martin suggests, but I think there 
also once was that internet connection problem), you could compile 
your own latex.fmt with initex, with different memory settings. 
(When I did this many years ago, I didn't have much fun with it.) 



>>> I'm compiling my file with latex under texlive 2003 and it gives me the
>>> following error:
>>>! Font T1/pfr/m/n/ at 7.5pt *not* *loaded*: *Not* *enough* *room* *left*.

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