[texhax] Is LaTex the product for me?

Dennis & Kathy travel gomgom at Verizon.net
Sun Feb 6 00:20:26 CET 2011

I am new to LaTex. I am trying to create a mini-pocket book of the state constitution to share with others (free of course). I need 4 pages to fit on each printed page. The bottom 2 pages on the printed page need to be upside down. The pages need to be organized so that when the printed page is folded in half to to bottom, cut along the edges, folded in the center, yielding a pocket book in correct order. 

I saw this on " http://www.constitutionbooklet.com/ " with the US Constitution.

I think LaTex will do this but not sure from all the FAQs, documents & WebPages I searched.

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