[texhax] documentclass letter name disable pagebreak

brock at quantifier.org brock at quantifier.org
Wed Dec 21 18:00:18 CET 2011

Hello.  I'm using \documentclass{letter} to write  a letter.  I use 
the \name{} field to put my name and such, and it usually works great. 
For example:
\name{John Doe \\
 	Columbia University \\
 	New York, NY 10027}

works as you expect.  However, if one of the lines is too long, it breaks 
it.  So today I need:

\name{John Doe \\
 	John D and Catherine T MacArthur Foundation \\}

But it breaks the second line into two. So I get:

John Doe
John D and Catherine T MacAurthur

But I want it all on one line.

Question: How do I disable this linebreaking behavior, only in the \name{} 
field, so that the whole title sits on one line?

Thank you,


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