[texhax] \stackrel error

Barbara Beeton bnb at ams.org
Wed Dec 21 14:39:01 CET 2011

    gives a nice balanced symbol to indicate  the reverse of $k_1$

    But this construction fails when embedded in a \stackrel{}{} command

    \mathrm{(CH_3)_2\dot{C}H + \dot{C}H_2OH} &
    \stackrel{k_{\mbox{-}1}}{\longrightarrow}\mathrm{(CH_3)_2CHCH_2OH (+ M)}
          &  \longrightarrow
    }   \mathrm{CH_3\dot{C}HCH_2OH + \dot{C}H_3}\\  
          &  \longrightarrow
    }  \mathrm{(CH_3)_2C\bond2CH_2 + H_2O}                   \\

    I have to be doing something wrong ?  Right ?

not necessarily.  although i can't get this
to fail, loading just the article class and
amsmath, and providing a definition for \bond,
i suspect that something in another package
is causing the failure.

suggestion: i know why you want a shorter dash
for the unary minus, but using \mbox always
keeps it in the main text size.  try \text{-}
instead; when put into the second order (as it
is used in \stackrel), the size and position
are more appropriate to the use.  this may (or
may not; don't know) also help with the
\stackrel problem.
						-- bb

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