[texhax] MS Word & Mathtype to TeX

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Tue Dec 20 01:20:50 CET 2011

First: wow! Thank you all for all your long detailed and varied responses! 

I and my best friend (who does practically no word processing)  

suffer under terrible lack of compatibility problems with many other pieces of software and hardware 

(video editing; most difficult of all is capturing: digitizing analog video and audio). 

By comparison, I consider MS Word very stable. I currently still use the 2000 version, 

since I cannot afford an upgrade. 

I've just come to accept it as a natural and unavoidable part of the great technical difficulty and complexity of technology.  Nevertheless... 

>As  I have already mentioned I have a certain bias towards TeX.  It does require 
a certain effort to master but modern TeX editors/IDEs make this 
process easier. 

It is that bewildering mess of strange filenames with file endings (like .gz ??) 

that cannot be opened by any program on my (Windows-based) computer 

NOT by any program it tries to locate out on the internet 

that has put me off from TeX, 

that has caused me to download TeX half a dozen times in the past 20 years, 

give up, get no farther than that, then delete it from my computer. 

If you think I am asking a lot of questions and making a lot of responses now, 

if I were to get into this whole TeX thing 

I'd be contacting the TeX support group TWENTY times as often with questions, 

even just to find something if you direct me to a help menu or help log.
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