[texhax] MS Word & Mathtype to TeX

Philip TAYLOR P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Fri Dec 16 11:41:24 CET 2011

cornwall_5 at comcast.net wrote:

> Except that WYSIWYG has worked beautifully for me for nearly 3 decades.

One might want to debate "beautifully", but I will let that one pass ...
> Only an unnecessary request by a specific journal request into a different format,
> creating an artificial problem, stands in my way.

Ah, a journal that has seen the light : Hallelujah !
> Not your fault.


> Not mine.


> Everyone just happens to have chosen their own favorite
> software, language, etc, simply because they exist!


>  No one's is better than another.

I could not disagree more strongly.  Some, as Victor rather
coarsely put it, are complete and utter cr at p (MS Word, for
example); some are quite good (QuarkXpress, for example);
and some are absolutely outstanding : three letters, starts
with T/Tau, ends with X/Chi.  Supply your own choice of vowel.
> Everyone just picks a favorite.
> (Makes one long for the Soviet era where there was only ONE product on the shelf,
> so decisions didn't have to be made! :)

True story, from the Polish Tatras : "Pani Helena, you have
lived through the Communist era in Poland, and now you are
living in a liberated, almost capitalist, society : which
do you prefer ?".  Pani Helena : "Under communism, there was
nothing in the shops.  Now, the shops are full, but I can
afford nothing.  I preferred communism, when we were all
equally hungry".

** Phil.

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