[texhax] twocolumn with lineno per page centered and only once for both columns

Dieter Studer dieterstuder at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 14 11:26:19 CET 2011

Dear Hubert,
thanks so much for your reply. I appreciate it a
lot and I do not take it for granted at all!

> Or are you just simply trying to create
a page of lines with numbers?

I understand I did not make myself clear, sorry about that.
A little history, please skip if you like: The project is a dictionary compiled by one man
(and his successors in turn) over a number of years now (since the 1920s!); and since
the 1990s or so it’s been published by means of WordPerfect (with a lot of
manual labour, I’m told). Many volumes have already been published (with a
rather peculiar layout), but for technical reasons, the current editor would like
to use TeX now to do the job (apparently realizing after many years that a new
solution is necessary to get the job done smoothly). He asked me to help him (as I’ve done a similar layout
for another small-scale lexicon-project in my spare time). I’ve been able to fulfil his wishes with regard
to most needs, but I could not find a solution for their historically grown odd line numbering
system, which consists of one modulo-number in the middle of the two columns (belonging
to both columns).

I’ve created a fake screenshot of the desired layout (desired because of the need to mimick the looks of the many hundred pages that have already been published over decades) that I attached to this message.

Do you have any ideas how to do this? I’ve tried
several options along with the package lineno, but none of them did the trick.
Many thanks in advance for any kind of idea how
to proceed with this.
Best wishes,
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