[texhax] Handing over package maintainance.

zappathustra zappathustra at free.fr
Wed Dec 7 08:20:47 CET 2011

Hello all,

[Sorry for multiple posting.]

I would like to hand over the maintainance of my LaTeX packages, in 
order to focus on my format-independant stuff, and also because it is 
hard to maintain, let alone improve, something you don't use (I don't 
use LaTeX, so I don't use the packages I've written for it).

The packages are:

- sdrt: macros for Segmented Discourse Representation Theory (with 
graphics made with xyling);
- synproof: drawing syntactic proof with PSTricks;
- silence: filtering error messages and warnings;
- codedoc: an alternative to docstrip with LaTeX's ordinary syntax (i.e. 
no commented lines);
- xesearch: a string finder for XeTeX (the package isn't tied to LaTeX 
but works in other formats too, but since I don't use XeTeX anymore, 
it's the same problem for me);
- xeindex: automatic indexing, based on xesearch.

(In case anybody wonders: the easylist package isn't in the list because 
I've had a format-independant replacement in store for months, I just 
haven't had time to write a doc, and that wouldn't be nice to ask 
somebody to maintain easylist if I intend to make it obsolete.)

Apart from silence and xesearch, of which I've had echos of occasional 
use, I don't think those packages are much used, so maintaining them 
won't be much work, although there certainly is room for improvement.

Of course, I won't claim any kind of authority on the packages and the 
new maintainers will be free to do whatever they want. If anybody is 
interested in one or several (or all) of them, please contact me directly.


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