[texhax] updating bst files

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Tue Dec 6 00:05:23 CET 2011

Hi Tom,

    In association with my LaTeX page
    I have been maintaining a set of bst files for biologists.

    They are all at
Hmm, from that page there are no links to bst (or any other) files, just
a long README text.  (And I had no luck using ftp instead of http with
various targets.)
    In doing this I discovered that the nar.bst
    is 20 years out of date!  How does one go about updating these?  Is
    there an easy batch method?

1) As you might surmise, these are coming from Nelson Beebe (cc-ing
Nelson)'s huge collection.  In this case (effectively),

2) So it would seem that either Nelson should arrange to get the bst
files you are maintaining, or you could upload your files to CTAN and
Nelson (and TL) could get them from there.

If no other solution suits, I suppose conceivably I could mirror your
web page and the bst files on tug, and CTAN could get them from there.

Most of all, I hope no conflicting changes have been made to the bst


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