[texhax] Full frame in Beamer

Steve Schwartz s.schwartz at imperial.ac.uk
Tue Sep 28 11:21:05 CEST 2010


On Mon, 2010-09-27 at 23:19 +0100, Sam Albers wrote:
> Although this seems like a fairly obvious thing, I can't seem to find
> any answer. I would like to find a way in beamer to present an image
> as the complete frame without borders or a frame title. 
> Does anyone ever need to do this with beamer? 
> What are the options available to me? 
> I think that my search has been confounded by instructions to go full
> screen in a pdf viewer.

I doubt the pdf viewer is a problem, but try the following which I think
does what you want. There may be more elegant solutions. A few comments:

1  I had to remove the margins and reset the textwidth to be the
paperwidth. This needs to be done inside a group so they won't be reset
for the rest of your document, hence the frame is surrounded by curly

2  I put your picture in a centered column. This seems to work better
with beamer, and helps get it all centred on the slide (I assumed you
wanted it centred).

3  I put the image in a framed box only so you can be sure to see where
it is.





\setbeamertemplate{footline}[frame number]
\setbeamertemplate{navigation symbols}{} 


\oddsidemargin -1in
\textwidth \paperwidth






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