[texhax] How to put the chapter into report title

Alan T Litchfield alan at alphabyte.co.nz
Wed Sep 15 21:55:24 CEST 2010

Sorry for the cross-post :)

I am using the report class with pdfLaTeX to generate chapter proofs  
(that's because the whole thing uses report and I want easy  

The preamble looks pretty much the same as the header file for the  
whole document. For the whole document all the chapters are linked  
using \include{..} and for this chapter proof the content references  
only one chapter to include at a time.

What I want to achieve is to put the contents of \chapter{...} into  
\title{...} so when I run \maketitle the chapter title appears as the  
report title,along the lines of:

Chapter proof
The name of the chapter

I am using \maketitle to capture the date of the proof.

How can I use the chapter title as the report title?


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