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Torsten Wagner torsten.wagner at gmail.com
Tue Sep 14 07:03:25 CEST 2010


just as an add-on to the two above answers.
Depending on your system and your latex editor, sometimes it might
happen the editor or get confused.
Some editors try to be smart. Clicking a button to generate a pdf will
start a program which trys to figure out which steps are necessary to
generate a pdf. To shorten compiling time as much as possible (pleasant
for the user normally), it might skip steps which seems to have no
changes compared to the last compiling.
As far as I remember this is even a part of latex itself for the

However, sometimes things went wrong and an old temporary file will
remain and not newly generated. At the beginning of my LaTeX journey I
spend some hours to search for non-existing errors until I figured out
that manual deletion of the temporary files solved the problem.

Some editors have a function to delete temporary files.
Basically (without warranty) you only need
*.tex your TeX-files
*.bbl your BibTeX style file which sit somewhere else in your TeX-Path
*.bib your BibTeX data file (if you use one at all)
and all files like templates (*.cls) etc. which you copied manually into
your project folder

all other files might be deleted. They will be generated by the next run
of latex -> bibtex -> latex -> latex

Hope that helps


CC: A backup is always a good idea before deleting files in your project

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