[texhax] Referencing help

Axel Freyn axel-freyn at gmx.de
Mon Sep 13 16:51:21 CEST 2010

Hi David,

On Sun, Sep 12, 2010 at 09:00:19PM +0100, David Lumsden wrote:
> [...]
> Using Sunil's templates I thought all I would need to do is insert
> this information into the bibliography.bib file but the pdf created
> still shows the original references in Sunil's template.
> There is however a thesis.BBL file which contains the original
> references and I'm unsure about where these come into the whole setup
> of the template.
In fact, latex uses the ".bbl"-File. This file is normally generated
automatically by "bibtex" using:
a) The .aux-file (created by latex when compiling the tex-File), which
   contains the informations what is cited in the work.
b) The .bbl-file, which contains the full descriptions of all cited
c) A .bst-file (might be somewhere in your texmf-Tree), which contains
   the Style-information how to cited (how many authors shall appear,
   sorted by name or not, show the title of the cited works, ...)
   The bst-file is given in the \bibliographystyle{...}-command.

So, what you have to do: just call "bibtex thesis" once -- this will
gerenate the new bbl-file.

See e.g. http://www.bibtex.org/Using/ for a more complete description.



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