[texhax] Importing a Linux document into Windows

Ulrich Grün ulrich.gruen at gmail.com
Wed Sep 1 08:46:57 CEST 2010

Hi list,

I have made a LaTeX document in Linux, and I want to import it in Windows.
When I do this, all of the 'special'  characters (like äüöïë) change into 
something like ~¤.
As far as I know, this has something to do with the difference in encoding 
between Linux and in Windows. 

Moreover, when I use \usepackage[utf8x]{inputenc}, MikTeX seems not able to 
produce any output. When I change it into [utf8], I get output (pdf). Now, I 
cannot use characters like öäüïë in my document, somehow . . .

Anyone here with an idea how to import a Linux document into Windows, and what 
encoding to use?

Thanks a lot.


  X Ulrich X


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