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Thierry rhomunu-list at yahoo.fr
Tue Oct 26 14:11:27 CEST 2010

> Following worked for me:
> \makeatletter
> \def\filepath{{/tmp/}{/Users/cvr/}{/opt/NLM/jnl-xml/}}
> \let\input at path=\filepath
> \InputIfFileExists{path-tmp.tex}{Available}{NOT Available}
> \InputIfFileExists{path-home.tex}{Available}{NOT Available}
> \InputIfFileExists{path-jnl-xml.tex}{Available}{NOT Available}
> I think, you might change the definition of \filepath as per your
> requirements.
> Best regards
> --
> Radhakrishnan
This looks interesting.
Does this change the search paths for any file?

Here is the last point I would like to solve:
I have modified a sty file (from beamer) that is included somewhere is the
process of loading the beamer stuff.
For the moment, this sty file is in the main directory, so that it is called
I would like to put it in a specific subfolder (with other personnal sty
files I have managed to put there, thanks to the import package).
But in this subfolder it will not be loaded because tex will not try to find
it there...
I could have put it in my texmf folder, but then it would interfere with
other projects, which I don't want.
So, a good solution would to be tell tex, as a per project solution, to add
a specific subfolder in the TEXINPUTS variable.

In your code, I see a "\input at path" macro. I don't know what it does... I
will search the Internet. Maybe your code can be used to solve my "problem".

Thanks a lot
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