[texhax] \index command to use my page numbers.

Uwe Lueck uwe.lueck at web.de
Mon Oct 18 11:12:42 CEST 2010

"Ted Rolle Jr." <stercor at gmail.com>, 18.10.2010 01:54:12:
> I've scanned in some books and have marked their pages with a counter called `Page'.

What does this mean? Do you have each book page as an image on a TeX page, with \includegraphi..., together with \refstepcounter{Page}? Or what does "marked with a counter" mean?

Or are you working with OCR extracts from the book pages?

> TeX keeps this counter separate from `page'.
> I'd like for the \index command to pick up `Page' instead of 'page'.
> \index seems to be in the depths of TeX. 

No, it's LaTeX code.

If you are stepping `Page' by \stepcounter or \refstepcounter, you could try 

     \protected at write\@indexfile{}%

This would replace `page' by `Page' in an underlying LaTeX command. 

This may fail when you use a third-party index package. 

Another idea would to have your own \Index command, about as follows: 


Or if you have a package redefining \index so it has an optional argument ... the usual hacking ... may depend on that package ...

Or can't you use `page' in place of `Page' by some proper \setcounter{page}{...} for each book or even each page?



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