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Bernhard Nickel bnickel at fas.harvard.edu
Sun Nov 28 18:53:19 CET 2010


	I'm looking for a solution to the following situation.

I've got a number of PDF files that I need to put together into a single document.

	- Have a table of contents at the beginning of the resulting file that lists the PDF collected in the file.
	- Make the entries in that table of contents clickable so that readers are taken directly to the corresponding, included document.
	- For each included document, include a link in the table of contents that allows a reader to print just that document (perhaps by pre-populating the print dialog box).

I'm using the pdfpages package to accomplish the concatenation, and the hyperref package to accomplish the clickable links in the table of contents. But for the life of me, I don't know how to implement the page range restriction. I've tried using the PrintPageRange option in the hyperref package, but that only  sets the page range statically once and for all for the whole document. If I could somehow set this dynamically, that would be awesome. But I'm open to any other solution that can accomplish the desiderata.

Thanks a lot,

Bernhard Nickel

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